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I'm travelling the UK in the 'Milly Van' rewilding our UK urban landscape by UNITING our population as a collective to IMMEDIATELY TRANSFORM concrete landscapes into permanent urban wildernesses. 

I'm only collaborating with the BEST UK BUSINESSES to fund the permanent rewilding of our UK urban landscape BY rewilding your local neighbourhoods & workspace interiors.

Before & After

Rewild Locally & Nationwide





[20% goes into the 'Wild Up Your Space Pot' - See Details Below]



Your monthly DONATION (after 20% goes into the Wild Up Your Space Pot') funds land (£8 funds 44 cm squared) to be bought/protected/rewilded AND monetised to pay for MORE Pockets EVERY month

"I'm Sponsoring Urban Rewilding" Badge/Poster

You can nominate the land around your local home/work space to be rewilded

[Nominated spaces are first come/first served]

Monthly 'wild' progress reports: let your audience see what you're funding!

Community Networking: share your news/offers (FREE) in the monthly Community Newsletter

Apply to win the monthly 'Wild Up Your Space Pot'

[£20 minimum in the pot every month - Details below]

*T&Cs...   The 'Wild Up Your Space Pot' is where 20% of everyone’s subscription goes each month, for a different subscriber to win monthly.  There will always be the minimum amount (see the benefits) in each pot but there may be much more depending on the growing number of Wild Businesses subscribing. One subscriber can win every month.  The first Pot will be won on 1st March 2020 and every month thereafter.


To apply for the pot, you will be invited (by email) to send 100 words on how you would rewild YOUR INTERIOR OFFICE SPACE with the money by February 25th 2020 and every month thereafter.  Everyone’s applications are published in a newsletter on the 26th to all subscribers for them to vote on who should win that month.  Winners are announced on the 1st of each month.  Winners will receive the funds through bank transfer by midnight on 1st of each month.

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