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Standing With Nature/All Other Life

This open letter went live on 21st August 2019 (World Entrepreneurs Day).

It's now available for a growing collective of people/businesses to add their names to (throughout the rest of 2019) republishing it every time a new 100 people have pledged their names/stood with us.


Why?  Because…


We (businesses and individuals) will be reclaiming our place within the natural world, beginning with OURSELVES…


We have fallen out of love/connection with the natural world from which we are born and so are disconnected from our inner ‘wild’: our natural state of strength, peace, well being and self love, as a creature connected to and equal to ALL of life. Our loss of connection has led to self destructive behaviour….


The damage that we’re doing to the planet is simply a profound reflection of the damage we are doing to ourselves. So we commit to tapping back into our inner wild, to heal ourselves first in order to make space for and live more in alignment with our natural world and all of the lives we share our planet with.

Our Letter Reads…


“I'm committed to creating permanent, protected spaces for wild nature: enabling cleaner waters, soils and a deeper, physically & mentally healing human connection to nature, for the betterment of humanity, our environment and to relearn how to let all of life thrive with us in greater harmony.


Yours sincerely, …..”

This Open Statement Will Be…


- Published online by all Partners & Donors (all of whom have digitally signed) to an audience of 100,000s.

- It will be republished (every new 100 names) over the coming months alongside 1000s of videos/pics from Partners/Donors (via social media) expressing what ‘being wild’ means to them.

(All donors will have funded this ‘wild effort’ by ‘tapping back into their wild’).


It Will Simultaneously Launch….


- The first official on-the-spot search for Pockets to rewild, beginning the Pocket Protection Nationwide rewilding of our urban landscape: powered by us as individuals coming together as a collective.


- The Eco-Intent Scheme: making it easy for businesses to PROFITABLY switch from polluting/unethical products to £30 worth of eco friendly,  cruelty free products a month, also funding our urban rewilding initiative - Pocket Protection - nationwide: making our air, water and daily lives cleaner, healthier and wilder for ALL of life to thrive with us.


From This Declaration…


A long term ‘Wild Community’ founded by Partners/Donors will come into being, simply bringing people together to spend time in nature through regular FREE and informal Nationwide picnics, BBQs, beach days, drinks, afternoon teas, wild swimming mornings & countless other 'get togethers' to maintain our commitment to ourselves to remain connected to our gorgeous inner wild.


By January 2020, a minimum of 200 businesses are predicted to have signed up to the Eco Intent Scheme: switching £6000 a month minimum in profit from less ethical companies to eco-friendly, compassionate companies.


The Pocket Protection nationwide infrastructure will have launched 1000s of PERMANENTLY protected Pockets to be rewilded by individuals (as a Collective) across our UK urban landscape.


All of these milestones (and the many stories and opinions of the 1000s of individuals choosing to be involved) will have been featured in a PR/Press compaign, begun the minute our ‘Statement of Commitment’ is published, leading up to even more loving, compassionate and wild increases in momentum, excitement and action from 1st January 2020.



Looking forward to standing together in loving, respectful and positive action with you, as an equal member of this ‘wild community’ that we are creating, Alana xxx