(As We Rewild)

Litter plays a massive role in human impact on UK wildlife.

But why do we litter?

"People litter because they do not feel responsible for public areas like streets and parks. ... People litter because they believe someone else -- a maintenance worker or responsible neighbour -- will pick up after them. Once litter starts to pile up, people feel even less responsible for adding to the litter." 


Urban Pocket Wildscaping begins by knocking on doors in neighbourhoods (with land to be rewilded) and inviting the local community to draw together to take back ownership of their local space. 

Rewilding a neighbourhood also REGENERATES a neighbourhood and a lot of that is to do with eliminating the littering of the area, to protect the wildlife that will be moving in/breeding to inhabit it.


I am working with the incredible Clean Up Britain to run positive, upbeat and proactive litter campaigns in every rewilded space.  We all deserve to take ownership over the area we live in and we are often made to feel helpless.  That's unacceptable.  Time to reclaim our power!

Collaborating with Clean Up Britain, I am focusing (inspired by the incredible Crisp Packet Project) to reframe 'litter' as (instead) sometimes useful objects through which to do good.  


This begins with Re-using/Recycling Crisp Packets AND Elastic Bands.

Re-Using Crisp Packets To Help the Homeless


Penny - a local artist in Hastings who had volunteered a lot with Surviving The Streets - came up with the momentous idea of utilising non recyclable crisp packets (almost all crisp brands are non recyclable) and transforming them into waterproof bivvy bags for the homeless.  


I will be promoting her work and collecting crisp packets on her behalf as I rewild each new area.

Rubber Bands UK: Remove/Recycle/Rejoice!

Elastic bands cause especial harm to small mammals and birds, not to mention sea life as they get swirled out to sea.

Currently non recyclable, we can STILL collect them from our streets, parks and beaches (to prevent harm to local life) and make them available for re-use.

Simply, keep an eye out for any elastic bands whilst out walking/running.  

Collect them & post them to me (email me at to ask for the PO Box address).


I'll wash them & re-sell them for the OPTIONAL cost of a small donation (should you wish) but otherwise just for the postage.


Donations will fund Urban Pocket Wildscaping & individuals/businesses will be able to buy pristine rubber bands (good as new) for a fraction of the cost, rather than buying new & drawing more on our planet's resources.


I will be promoting this service to all rewilded communities. 

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