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If you're part of the Eco-Intent Scheme, just click on the products you want to buy and you'll be taken through to their websites for purchase.  They have MUCH better postal rates than the Milly Van so it's a cheaper buy for you.  Keep being brilliant!  Alana xxx

£1 Mini Moo Bars
A snack sized, organic, dairy free rice milk chocolate bar with mint.
Matcha is a finely ground powder of specially grown green tea leaves.
Click 'Go To Link' to find out more/buy from Adeptio themselves...
£9.99 - Mocha Vegan Body Butter
Bird & Wld Ground Coffee
Bird & Wild Beans
Energy Ball Recipe Kits
Vegan Card Holder
Made from Plant Bio & recycled plastic bottles.
Vegan, cruelty free toothpaste!
Keep Calm Conditioning Shampoo
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Mr Babache Medium Harlequin Diabolo
Eat Locals
Try-Its Juggling Sack
Lavender Soap
Raw Cacao Hot Chocolate Fiery
Lime Vegan Body Butter
Fall back in love with Food
Big Big World
Big Big World is a workbook for both parent and child and comes with suggestions for identifying and relieving anxiety and affirmations to help raise the self-esteem of the child.
Playful Pup Balm
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Hemp By Hound Balm
Yup You Stink Body Mist
Got An Itch Conditioning Shampoo
Miracle Foam Wash Dry Shampoo
What About Me?
This book can also be used a workbook for both parent and child and comes with suggestions for bonding play and affirmations to help the raise the self esteem of the child. This book has been used in Hospitals and NHS children's mental health services.
Breathe Deep, Seek Peace
Winding down, letting go...
Calm & Confident
Help with challenging situations.
Incredible Travel Journal
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Turkish Brass Neck Art Necklace
Silver Biodegradable Glitter
Folding Vegan Black Card Case
Eco Glitter Gorgeousness!
Vegan Wallet - Black
Fennel & Sunflower Seed
Eco Glitter Beard!
Hand Painted Orange Horizon Coasters
Decorated with a hand painted “horizon” design using eco friendly textile paints.
Wembley To Soweto
We are all meant to shine. This book changes lives...
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Salted Baked Pumpkin Seeds
Salted/Chilli Fairtrade Peanuts
Cemaes Bay - Anglesey
Market Street - Holyhead 1950s
Vegan Cruelty Free Shampoo Bar
Recycled Brass Necklaces
Lynnon Mill
Holyhead in the 1700s
Vegan Natural Lip Balm
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Santa vegan choccies!
Clean Kanteen
Ceramic soy wax candle pot
Vegan food wraps
Cotton & Bamboo Cotton Buds
Earth Conscious Natural Deodorant
Stainless Steel Containers
Moo Free Vegan Fruit/Nut Chocolate
Wooden Dish Brush
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Antos Origins Chew root
Cruelty Free Toilet Paper
Soopa Raw Chews
Antos Hedgehog Chew
Antos Frog Chew
Cruelty Free Laundry Detergent
Cruelty Free Kitchen Cleaner
Cruelty Free Washing Up Liquid
Soopa Dental Sticks
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Womens Raw Banana Protein ELITE
Womens Standard Salted Caramel
Toffee Banana
Hemp Protein Powder
Himalayan & Epsom Salts
Amazonian Fruits
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Vegan Cruelty Free Nail Polish
Vegan Cruelty Free Nail Polish
Kado Japon Perfume
Vegan, cruelty free perfume.
Amazonia Perfume
Vegan, cruelty free perfume.
Vegan Leather Tote Bag - 100% Cork
Vegan Leather Tote Bag - 100% Cork
Atlas - Vegan, Cruelty free Perfume
Wake Madagascar
Vegan, cruelty free perfume
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Skerries Lighthouse Holyhead - Print
70% Lachuá Cacao, Guatemala
Chuncho Urusayhau 75%
Swans & Ducklings - Print
Silver & Rose Cherry Blossom
Rose Gold Angel Wing
Boats Dried Out - Print
Pyropixies Ribbon Poi
Assam Bari Tea
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Vegan, Cruelty Free Mascara
Yummy Scrummy Raw Chocolate Brownie
Jalapeno & Kaffir Lime
Baked Pumpkin Seeds
Hot Chilli Baked Pumpkin Seeds
Mediterranean Herb
Baked Pumpkin Seeds
Cumin & Nigella Seed
Apple & Cinnamon Porridge
Simply Plain Porridge
Rosemary & Pumpkin Seed
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Emotional Relief
For when life is just too much.
Focus, Energise, Create
Just get on with it.
Sexy & Gorgeous
For when you want to sparkle.
I AM - Awaken Your Nature
Stunning Travel Journal
Speaking with Confidence
Improving communication.
Inspiring Travel Journal
Strength & Support
For when you need hope.
Soleil Brass Ring
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Duke of Grey Organic Tea
Viola Glitter
Biodegradable Glitter Kits
Raw Chocolate Starter Kit
Vegan Cruelty Free Aloe Vera Soap
Ayurveda Chai Organic
Coconut King Balm
Vegan Wallet
Reusable Silicone Straws
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Bamboo Face Clothe
Vegan Cruelty Free Shaving Soap
Scalp Massager
Vegan Make Up Pencils
Vegan Bamboo Make Up Brush
Smoothing Cleanser Bamboo Cloth
Extensive Vegan Make Up Selection
Vegan Choccie Goodies
Extensive Vegan Beauty Collection
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Reusable Bamboo Coffee
Vegan Peppermint Toothpaste
Vegan Make Up
Superfood Starter Pack
Vegan Intensive Repair Conditioner
Organic Children Conditioner
Organic Cotton Black Hairties
Organic Cotton Pencil Case
Sprout Pencils
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Cruelty Free Washing Up Liquid
48 Cruelty Free Toilet Rolls
Cruelty Free Facial Tissue
Extra Cruelty Free Facial Tissue
Cruelty Free Laundry Detergent
Cruelty Free Floor Wash
Cruelty Free Bathroom Cleaner
Kinn's Bathroom Range
Cruelty Free Glass Cleaner
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Mens Standard Peanut Protein
Mocha Energy Protein
Mass Gainer
Chocolate & Vanilla Protein
Coffee Energy Protein
Blueberry Energy Protein
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Vegan Cruelty Free Nail Polish
Vegan Cruelty Free Nail Hardener
Vegan Cruelty Free Nail Polish
Vegan Leather Tote Bag - 100% Cork
Vegan Leather Tote Bag - 100% Cork
Vegan Leather Tote Bag - 100% Cork
Vegan Leather Tote Bag - 100% Cork
Vegan, Cruelty free Nail polish
Vegan, Cruelty Free Nail Polish
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