This lass in the blue Campervan

Has built up some pretty great fans...


They are issuing prizes,

(Fantastic surprises)

As quickly & as soon as they can...


If you're reading this then CONGRATULATIONS because you've caught Mill(y)onaire Milly on the road in her very first week!

More than 100 companies are signed up to provide instant downloadable prizes, to go LIVE in the next few days.  I've hit the road early to appear at loads of EVENTs during the first week of December 2018.

You can also win £50 worth of physical prizes (delivered to your door!) by signing up to the Consciously Kind Community.

To be kept informed of when all the instantly downloadable prizes go live, sign up to Mission Milly's mailing list.  No spam, no sales pitches, just a great deal of fun!

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