Rewild YOUR Neighbourhood...

Letting the WILD back into our URBAN areas...

Ladies & Gentleman, it's happening & it's f**king awesome!

I don't think that we have to affect change through a culture of blame and judgement, we can rewild (and GO wild!) at the same time: dance and play together and lush up our urban landscape as a collective power.  

Let's have fun! Let's party! Let's #LetLifeIn and celebrate!

Let's enjoy the hum of the bees, the fluttering butterflies and the ambling hedgehogs as they find refuge (and experience a major population boost) throughout our urban areas.  

Plus the human ENVIRONMENTAL BENEFITS from rewilding our cities/towns are just ridiculous!

You can't say that I'm playing small...

When I decided to create a COLLECTIVE to purchase 100,000s of single 'Pocket' metres of unused land across urban commercial areas to rewild them and re-green (and re-lush up!) our urban landscape - permanently protected from development - I knew that it would never succeed if I played small, so...


Team of Top Environmental Experts

(Waiting to rewild the purchased Pockets: HERE'S HOW).

With a 6 month press campaign devised/to be enabled by the incredible PR Expert, Kat Byles, it made sense to start filming with Kaine Levy Productions from the second WE reach out to rewild the first wave of Pockets...  A pro camera crew will be covering our footsteps, trials and triumphs.  This footage will go towards Press/PR & TV.


Why did I say, "when 'WE' hit the streets?"

It starts with community; a Nationwide community of individuals with likeminded hopes/goals: to take action, to live kindly, to desire to let nature back into our urban spaces for our own physical/mental health, the health of our families/friends and for the sake of the 100,000s of other tiny lives/species that are struggling to survive in amongst our urban dominance.

I am just one person lucky enough to be in a position to notice an opportunity and cheeky enough to reach out to environmental experts who could advise me.

The true action-takers are the members of every urban town/city/borough who welcome me into their lives/spaces and who then help me search for land to purchase/rewild within their urban community.

The first wave of Pockets to be rewilded will be those nominated by those who are FUNDING this work...  Sponsors/Partners AND those who become Benefactors/Pocket Protectors.


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