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 Corporate (Gold) Partnership

(Cruelty Free, Vegan & Eco Friendly Companies)

I am inviting you to Invest in rewilding the EXTERIOR and INTERIOR spaces across our UK urban landscape.  

[Through supporting Pocket Protection (rewilding our outside Urban Landscape) and The Eco Intent Scheme (rewilding our the interiors across our UK Urban Landscape.]

Backed by Ecologists: see our ECO PLAN.

[You'll ALSO be enabling the building of 'Wild Anchor' in 2020.]


There is only ONE of each type of company, so that companies can collaborate, promote to one another AND buy/sell from/to one another.  From cross promotional collaborations to developing recipes together or speaking at one anothers' events, it's already proven VERY advantageous.

The companies still outstanding are: 


Male Hair Products/Beard Products // Vegan Vitamins // Essential Oils // 100% Compostable Bags // Recyled Stationary // Hair Colours // Eco Friendly Toys // Eco Friendly, Vegan Feminine Hygiene Products // Bird Food & Insect Houses (and other Wildlife Aids) // 100% Compostable Wipes // Financial (Abundance) Coaching // Vegan Shoes // Vegan Outdoor Gear // Vegan Swimming Gear // Vegan, Sustainable Interior Furnishings // Plant Supplies // Nutritionist // Recycled Jewellery // Reusable Bottles // Aftershave // Solar Lighting // Solar Batteries // Vegan Gloves // Eco Friendly Mobile Phone Cases // Lip Balm // Natural Air Fresheners // Urban Bee Hives // Various Forms of Business/Personal Coaching // Personal Training





£5000 Annual/£420 Monthly



- You'll have your logo (minimum 50cm by 25cm) on the back of the Milly Van for 365 days from date of Partnership payment.

- You'll be referenced as a 'Headline Partner' on the Mission Milly Website for 365 days (from date of Partnership Payment) starting with our 6 month media Campaign.

- You will be referenced as a 'Headline Partner' across all Scientific & Environmental published research done on the rewilded Pockets: Environmental Scientists have already approached Mission Milly about collecting data (without harming/impacting any wildlife/insects) on increased insect & wildlife numbers, air pollution, water run off etc and your Company logo will be featured on all of the findings published by Mission Milly.


- A "We're Sponsoring Urban Rewilding" digital badge (or 'I'm Sponsoring Urban Rewilding') to share across online/offline promotional materials.

(Economic studies have shown that companies off setting their carbon emissions - however small - and proving 'purpose' as well as 'profit' are seeing an increase in sales/customers/clients).

- MONTHLY SALES INCOME: Your products/services sold monthly (no commission taken, you receive 100% of profit) to businesses signed up to the Eco Intent Scheme. (For 365 days from Donation/Partnership Fee).

(Predicted £6000 minimum a month in sales - split between Partners - by December 2019 & ongoing).

- Carrying & distributing your leaflets from the Milly-Van for 365 days from Donation/Partnership Fee.

- Inclusion/Networking/Promotion within the Mission Milly Partnership Community for 365 days from Donation/Partnership Fee.

- A blog post (here's an EXAMPLE) about your business/principles/story.

- Your live logo on the MM Partners Page.

- Referenced (with live links) in all Mission Milly Newsletters: to an audience of predominantly media professionals, journalists, entrepreneurs and adventure seekers.

Rewilding Around Your Home/Work


We will begin rewilding our UK urban landscape BY rewilding the urban spaces around those who have funded it - YOU! 

(AND the Pockets nominated by you will be named after your company. EG. The "Cloud Vegan Fashion Didsbury Pocket")

- Partners are invited (before 31st October) to nominate a site that they want rewilded: these spots can be around your office/home/anywhere else that's important to you.  [SEE EXAMPLES HERE].

- A 'Map Of Sites' page will be created (displaying all the nominated areas) and PUBLISHED.

- All Partners are invited to share this page across their social media channels/mailing lists (uniting as a collective to reach an audience of 100,000s) inviting their followers/fans to vote on their top 5 sites to be rewilded first.

(This way, the first rewilded spaces will have been chosen democratically).

Having rewilded the first 5 sites: the remaining Partners' nominations will be rewilded in order of votes.



We can work together (I will be working remotely from the Milly Van as a central base) enabling the rewilding of multiple sites simultaneously.


Having already nominated your chosen site, you can... 


- Help me find out who owns the land that you have nominated: council/private.

- I will raise the local/national funding to buy the land/rewild it: speaking to urban planning consultants on your behalf and applying for purchase of the land.  I will also either reach out to local ecologists or pay for an ecologist to travel to your local area to rewild the spaces.

- The 'Pockets' of rewilded land will be named after you and your business and monetised to pay for MORE Pockets expanding further outwards from your local area.


Company Forest Bathing Day!​

The Japanese practice of shinrin yoku, or Forest Bathing, is good for both physical and mental wellbeing. It is proven to reduce stress hormone production, improve feelings of happiness and free up creativity, as well as lower heart rate and blood pressure, boost the immune system and accelerate recovery from illness.

Simply put: Forest bathing is retreating to nature to immerse in the forest atmosphere: lying on the ground, being present/relaxed and soaking in the sensory experiences of being surrounded by nature/woodland.

Choosing a location of your choice, I'll be there at your most local forest/woodland.

- Hot Tea/Coffee/Hot Chocolate and Vegan Brownies, Moo Free Choc Bars, Baked Seed Snacks & Vegan Crackers.

- A vegan, gluten free picnic lunch of sandwiches/fruit/salad is supplied.

- A handful of wildflower seeds EACH for us to scatter together.

(Forest Bathing Days MUST be booked a minimum of 1 month in advance).  

(Full insurance & risk assessment supplied 1 week before the booked date).

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