Humanity Realigning

#Kindness & #GettingWild #FameNotBlame

1000s of businesses committing to '#LettingTheWildBackIn and #TreadingLightly

Backed by Olympic Diver, Performance & Wellness Coach, Leon Taylor.

As a great deal of my time will be spent in Cities/Towns - and as kindness/balance/respect should be the norm for ALL of life, for the benefit of the planet as a whole - I am enabled to run the Eco Intent Scheme:  allowing businesses to easily/effortlessly/immediately #TreadLightly

Immediate Impact...

On sign up, businesses commit to donating £3 a month to PP AND to the immediate purchase (from Mission Milly) of one oxygenating/air purifying plant for their interior/exterior of their businesses.  This impacts a literal and immediate improvement of air quality and starts to allow nature back into our spaces, minds and hearts.

They also commit to switching a minimum of £30 a month (of their current expenses) to 100% plant based, sustainable, cruelty free products, from washing up liquid to bathroom cleaner to toilet paper.

On track to have 200 businesses signed up (by inviting them in person/online) by 25th December 2019, a minimum of £6000 monthly revenue will be switched from chemical products (often tested on animals) to 100% plant based (earth friendly & non polluting) and cruelty free products: less pollution to our waters & soils AND denying funding to the companies that test on animals AND the laboratories themselves.

Online businesses like Breese Adventures & Divinely Different are already signing up.

Upscaling to 1000 business by Christmas 2020 will see £100,000s diverted to ethical, sustainable companies, whilst encouraging small business owners and employees to reflect on the products they use in their home lives too.

(£600 per month will also be generated (£3 per business) for PP.)


- Visiting shops/cafes/offices/studios in person, as I travel for PP.

- Inviting businesses to sign up online, downloading their 'Eco-Intention' poster.

- Speak at/Attend local business networking events.

- Connect with urban based LinkedIn Local groups.

- Reach out to environmentally passionate groups to ask for volunteers to visit their local businesses to gage interest/sign ups.

- Get in contact with LinkedIn Local urban groups.

Eco-Impacts (Some of Them)

Using Water Pollution as an Example... 


If I sell 260 500ml bottles of plant based, non toxic washing up liquid, kitchen cleaner, glass cleaner (and other products) every month then that's 130 litres a month switched from chemical to natural plant based cleaning products.  


If one person buys one 500ml plant based washing up liquid from me a month and uses 10 litres of water per wash with 20ml of washing up liquid, that's 250 litres of water (per person per month) unpolluted by toxic washing up liquids, with none of those chemicals washing into our soil, rivers and oceans.

Here is the plant based, cruelty free STOCK that I will be making available to businesses to buy, all sold by my Mission Milly Partners.

'Reigniting the Wild'

Step 1

Togetherness, Positive Action, Kindness, Working Together.


The true action-takers are the Sponsors/Partners and Benefactors in every urban town/city/borough who welcome me into their lives/spaces and who then help me search for land to purchase/rewild within their urban community.

The first wave of Pockets to be rewilded will be those nominated by those who are FUNDING this work...  Sponsors/Partners AND those who become Benefactors/Pocket Protectors.

I call this step, #ToReigniteTheWild.  And by 'wild' I mean our innate human nature, the instinctive recognition that we are part of the natural world (to let any differences go that may have been temporarily dividing us) and that we can act with kindness, empathy and togetherness to celebrate a higher quality of life for our local community, for humanity and for every species that shares our landscape with us.

Step 2


With potential media interest and a 6 month press campaign devised/to be enabled by the incredible PR Expert, Kat Byles, it made sense to start filming from the second I first started rewilding...  Kaine Levy (of Kaine Levy Productions) usually works with MUCH bigger brands than Mission Milly but being a good mate and a fellow wildlife advocate, he's jumped on board, so that a pro camera crew will be reaching out into communities with me, listening to local stories on what #LettingNatureIn would mean to them, then covering OUR footsteps, trials and triumphs.  This footage will go towards Press/PR & TV.

Step 3

(Pockets Purchased ASAP)

So we hit the streets: the Sponsors/Partners & Benefactors who want to see their areas rewilded and little old me, lucky enough to be let in and to have had my ideas listened to.  We will be looking for the first cluster of pockets - please see the CRITERIA - we will ALSO be cleaning up any litter on the streets as we walk - beginning the process of seeing our localities in a new light and honouring the space again as one that we can start to lush-up positively, together.  

It looks like we will be trying to create a kind of cluster of pockets as quickly as possible within small areas for butterflies and other wildlife to move between effectively and from which to grow. So rather than purchasing pockets miles from each other as standalones we will purchase as many grass patches in close proximity together as possible to better help the local wildlife. This pattern will be copied across the U.K, generating 1000s of pockets within close proximity, breaking up our urban landscape and allowing life back in to thrive as quickly as possible with long term goals for the continued well being of any insects and wildlife that show up. It’s a strong model based on the most up to date and expert data and would allow us also to upscale faster I think.

Step 4

(Already Happening Behind The Scenes)

- I have an incredible team of top environmental UK experts already waiting in the wings to advise on the first purchased Pockets.  Their advice/insight has also enabled much of the progress so far.

- I'm already speaking to subsidised/partly subsidised legal teams/experts about land purchase, public liability, land registry etc.

- I'm generating consistent ongoing funding (a constantly refilled pot from which to fund the Pockets) through drawing around Mission Milly a community of Protectors/Wild Businesses/Partners and those signing up to the Eco Intent Scheme...

Once we have sourced/purchased the first cluster of Pockets they will be rewilded (here's our IDEAS) by Ecologists.

This first 'cluster' of pockets will be offered as a learning platform, for schools, youth groups and local conservation/nature groups to monitor to see what wildlife first fill the spaces.  


Local newspapers will also be approached to feature a monthly paragraph on their findings and to let local readers with a garden know how to help wildlife too.

A Nationwide Upscaling Program

(From 2020)

Pocket Protection headquarters - the Milly Van - with the template/rewilding & legal experience of purchasing/rewilding the original Pockets will be at the centre of an infrastructure providing the expertise, funding and organisation to empower anyone across the UK to also source potential Pockets in their local areas.

- Putting out a call out via social media and in person, friends/family/supporters/community groups who become Benefactors/Protectors are invited to take & send in/tag pics of potential pockets of land within their local urban areas that meet the criteria: a minimum of 5 potential pockets per town/borough.

I'll visit the area and knock on doors inviting the local community to find out more about rewilding and gaining approval for the land application.

Once they find the pockets and they've been approved (by me) we will find out who owns the land and approach them (landowner/council) to see if they would sell.

Everyone who sources a Pocket (successfully rewilded) has the Pocket named after them. 



All being well, Pocket Protection Headquarters will fund & organise the purchase, the legal costs of the sale, public liability and rewilding costs.


Every 'cluster' of pockets will be offered as a local learning platform, for schools, scouts and local conservation/nature groups to monitor to see what wildlife first fill the spaces.  Local newspapers will also be approached to feature a monthly paragraph on their findings and to let readers with a garden know how to help wildlife too.

All Pockets will be added to a Map and the MAINTENANCE they require once a year will be funded by Pocket Protection Headquarters too, working with local ecologists in each area.

Pocket Benefits

There are SO many benefits to these urban, wilderness pockets and you can read them all HERE.  To give just one example though: Air Pollution.

Diesel cars especially release Nitrogen Dioxide, polluting urban spaces with idling engines stuck in traffic.  These pockets will (after much research) most likely be planted with a blend of Cornfield Annuals and Meadow Flower Perennials.  As well as providing help to 1000s of insects and pollinators - from Butterflies to Bumble Bees - which will also reinvigorate local food sources for the birds in the area, the best way to help these pockets overcome decades of poor soil nourishment is to cut the high flowers/grasses back a little once a year, to allow them to glorious rebloom/revitalise.  Due to rainfall soaking the Nitrogen Dioxide in the air down into the soil, to be absorbed by the plants/grasses, this annual cutting and removal actually TAKES a good chunk of Pollution away, to be used as compost elsewhere, since Nitrogen is ALSO - when not too much - a valuable nutrient in commonly sold fertilisers.


Win, win, win!  Hurray! 

How is PP Funded?


Stage 1

Growing a community around Urban Pocket Wild-Scaping (of sponsors/individuals and benefactors).


Funding Breakdown


Legal Advice/Sales Fees/Land Registry/Rewilding Expertise


Charity Registration


Working from the Milly Van (the mobile social & business centre) to achieve ALL of this.

(The Milly Van/Phone/Internet/Laptop/Fuel/Gas/Water/Parking/Insurance/Maintenance). 

(Over 6 months)​​

- I'll be carrying sign up forms in the Milly-Van (Protectors, Wild Businesses and the Eco Intent Scheme) for those visiting her as a Coffee Shop/Stall.

- I will be driving to meet the Communities who have invited me in to rewild.

- I'll be searching for the land to rewild.

- I'll be negotiating the land purchases of each Pocket.

- I'll be registering the Pockets with land registry.

- I'll be negotiating public liability insurance for each Pocket.

- I'll be working with Ecologists to rewild each Pocket.

- I'll be speaking to TV/Newspapers/Blogging/Social Media Posting.

- I'll be accepting the dozens of weekly invitations that I receive to meet people as I travel in the van - hear their stories - and share the PP idea.

- Speaking opportunities with parents who are working in (and whose children will work in) urban areas, who would appreciate greener, healthier spaces.

- Socialise/Speak to people wherever I park up, inviting people to sign up/get involved.

- Drive to meet with/speak at LinkedIn Local urban groups.

- Drive to visit urban community gardening groups, who'd like to see wild spaces in their commercial, urban centres.

- Reach out to student groups in city centre universities.


Urban Pocket Wild-Scaping is Self Sustaining

Every £1 invested impacts by...

- A minimum of 5 rewilded pockets (offering refuge to a minimum of 260,000 insects) acting as both natural wildernesses AND case studies on which to build: as an environmental/legal/community template.

- PP 'Headquarters' infrastructure & nationwide reach.

- Press/PR: empowering swift, nationwide upscaling.

Every £1's Impact

Every £1 invested in UPW generates PROFIT to reinvest back into PP's growth through...

The ALREADY rewilded Pockets will generate a minimum of £1800 per year in revenue to contribute to the NEXT wave of Purchased Pockets.


Time will also be allocated to...

- Build the 1000 'Pocket Protectors' community of monthly weekly donors.

- Build up a community of Wild Businesses.

- Sign up 200 businesses to the Eco Intent Scheme (£600 monthly to PP)




Using the Milly Van as the power base that she is (a mobile social & business centre) to draw a large community together quickly.  


I will also be utilising the huge network that I have of Patrons & media professionals (from a decade of TV & Event work) to help manifest PP's success ASAP.

- I'll be carrying sign up forms in the Milly-Van for those visiting her as a Coffee Shop/Stall.

- Mission Milly Partners are asked to share PP with their databases.

- Speaking opportunities with parents who are working in (and whose children will work in) urban areas, who would appreciate greener, healthier spaces.

- Socialise/Speak to people wherever I park up, inviting people to sign up.

- Get in contact with LinkedIn Local urban groups.

- Get in touch with urban community gardening groups, who'd like to see wild spaces in their commercial, urban centres.

- Reach out to student groups in city centre universities.

Stage 2

(Ongoing/Self Sustaining)

(Here's an outline of FUTURE, FULL INCOME/REVENUE - kindly advised upon by Ian Smith, Head of Financial Performance & Planning at WWF-UK - to prove PP's continued growth into December 2020.

Focus will go on Nationwide upscaling, Wild Businesses, the Pocket Protectors List, gaining Corporate Sponsorship, utilising ethical, aligned advertising revenue from companies wanting to access the growing community and signing up another 800 businesses minimum to the Eco Intent Scheme by December 2020, generating (alone) an additional £2400 a month for PP's urban rewilding efforts.

All of this work happens from the Milly Van platform.  On the road 24/7, the Milly Van is literally the 'driving force' behind reintegrating nature/rebalancing out planet.


'Wild Anchor'

The ‘Wild Community’ surrounding ‘Wild Harmony’ will enable the funding of the Swazi home for 8 disabled, homeless youngsters, ‘Wild Anchor’…




The ‘Wild Community’ (also continuing to grow as Eco Intent & Pocket Protection do) allows me to offer 200 ethical, UK companies, from the summer of 2020 (complementing the Partners I already have) significant sales/promotional opportunities AND corporate BENEFITS for £1000 each annually, for an upfront commitment of 6 years - raising £200,000 per year.  


(Win/Win! - I will only be working with UK companies whose products/services will be of genuine interest/benefit to the Wild Community).


(£100,000 the first year funds the land purchase, the house build and the first year’s costs, with £100,000 going into savings.)  £160,000 the next year moves into savings (£40,000 for house running costs) and so on for 6 years. This funds the annual running COSTS of the home for 6 years whilst building up a £1,000,000 LUMP SUM to be invested to yield 4% annual interest, to fund the home permanently from then on.


And how is the £1,000,000 invested?  In property to be used to allow people to tap back into their ‘inner wild’…  Homes and buildings to be used for ‘wild’ retreats, hired by companies selling foraging, wild swimming and other ‘wild outdoor’ services/events. This income provides £40k annually to fund the home in Swaziland WHILE aiding people in the UK to live warmer, richer, healthier and more aligned lives, tapping us all back into nature. (Partners who have paid £1000 to be in the Mission Milly Club get discounted rates off hiring fees too). 


And how do I know this investment will yield 4% interest? Because I have spent the last 9 months working with companies who would either hire these spaces or who run similar ventures themselves.

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