'Wild Harmony'
A TRINITY of Local, National & Global Action...

Being drawn more into urban commercial areas (for PP) I have been able to launch the Eco Intent Scheme: switching 1000s of businesses over to non polluting, animal friendly products.



A promise to build a home in Swaziland for 8 disabled people.........

( #HumanEquality )



Being frequently in urban areas - with my new environmental knowledge - I noticed a missed opportunity for urban rewilding on a massive scale: Pocket Protection was born. 


To fund the road/fundraising trip (without taking from donations) I looked to fulfil my encompassing passion: Equality For All Life.  I drew together a community of ethical Partners, selling their vegan, eco-friendly, cruelty-free products from the van as I travelled.

(I also collaborated with wildlife/conservation organisations to give back to the landscape that I was travelling in).

Now I've found myself at the heart of a 'wild community' of Partners/Public growing up around PP and The EI Scheme - founded on the principles of #Togetherness & #Equality.

Hitting the road to fund the Swazi Home - 'Wild Anchor' - has actually NOW enabled me to fund it/build it sooner than expected: funding it by benefitting the new 'Wild Community'.


'Wild Anchor' will be a home representing the equal needs of all of humanity and proving that we can live sustainably in harmony with our planet.

..........Led to hitting the road in the Milly Van, to raise the money.

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