I’m travelling the UK in a Campervan called ‘Mill(y)onaire Milly’: rewilding land, businesses and homes by collectively drawing the UK population (whoever wants to be involved) together as a collective to take practical action, permanently rewilding our urban landscapes. We'll be buying land to rewild and be protected from development, to allow havens for wildlife/birds/pollinators and ensure cleaner water, air and a physically/mentally healthy humanity…. The environmental benefits are endless.

I have long been a fan of  I actually used it in 2014 during a previous charitable campaign and I met some lovely people as I was travelling. represents a lot of the values that I believe to be most important...


My work comes 100% from an open heart and a passion that all life deserves to thrive. 

When I first hit upon Pocket Protection (and the idea evolved into a solid plan of action) it seemed to be predominantly for wildlife/birds/pollinators BUT the more I spent talking to people & researching the benefits, the more I realised that it was equally fulfilling a basic human right that has been denied (especially) to those living in dense urban areas: it fulfils our need to be connected to nature.

Biologically, we are literally creatures of nature: as 'wild' as any cloud or bramble.  We are conditioned by society to often think that we are separate.  A lot of city residents are under the income threshold that allows for a car and frequent trips to woods/rural spaces.  City parks are generally manicured and as far from 'wild' as grass/plants can be.

Everyone has a right to the now proven physical/mental health benefits of daily immersion in as green a space as possible.  That's what Pocket Protection can achieve: returning that right to people who currently can't enjoy it. 


£10,000 from would fund Pocket Protection's first legal/ecological costs.

Pocket Protection is set up to be immediately self-sustaining: monetising every Pocket to pay for more Pockets.  

All I am need to raise is the start up capital.

[Here's how the full start up capital will be used.]


- You'll have a Pocket collaboratively named after BOTH your company AND the borough in which it's located.

EG. The "Couchsurfing Camden Pocket"

- We could run a competition, letting uk couchsurfing members name pockets (or have pockets named after them) 

- You'll have your logo (minimum 50cm by 25cm) on the back of the Milly Van for 365 days from date of Partnership payment.

- 'Headline Sponsor '' - on all articles in magazines: especially camper van magazines recommending other campervanners to also use

- Mailing list (through petition and facebook and knocking door to door) with ' being featured as the 'Headline Sponsor' at the top of every email.


I would establish a Verified Profile on and communicate and connect with members as I travelled: writing a regular blog about my experiences and letting Couchsurfing Members know that Couchsurfing is not only enabling them to uniquely travel but improving the immediate quality of life of those who live in UK Urban areas.

Couchsurfing will be referenced as a headline Sponsor/Partner throughout the planned 6 month PR/Press campaign (co-ordinated by Kat Byles)  especially since I will be actively using Couchsurfing to meet people as I travel (although instead of using their sofa I'll be parking in their driveways).

Together, we will not only manifest significant environmental benefits for 10,000s of different species across the UK but we'll also be reminding 1000s of people (and hopefully 1000s of new Couchsurfing Members) that you can consciously connect with the rest of humanity in a powerful and life affirming manner.

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