Immersed in Peace

A DAY TRIP for yourself and either [3 friends/family members] OR [3 Clients/Business Partners/Fellow Professionals/Potential Collaborators] to the Sea/Mountain/Forest/Lake (anywhere within a 60 mile drive from picking you up) with Hot Tea/Coffee/Hot Chocolate and Vegan Brownies, Moo Free Choc Bars, Baked Seed Snacks & Vegan Crackers for £500 to be used any time you choose.


I will pick you up from a pre-agreed location local to you all and drive you all to your chosen destination (be it Brighton/The New Forest/Snowdonia) for the day.  Earliest pick up 8am, latest drop off 8pm.

A day of re-immersing yourselves back into nature, with all the comforts, treats and relaxation of shelter/warmth cosied in the arms of greenery and/or water, nurturing our well being and providing some peace for our restless minds.


After a blissful day, I'll then drop you back to your pick up point.




- You will be invited to browse the Mission Milly Stall, bursting with vegan, cruelty-free, eco friendly products.

- Mobile 4G allowing (and we can check coverage in advance) Edward Pike - Spiritual Guide - will also tune in online at a prearranged time and run through a guided meditation for all 3 of you (I'll be absent from the van so it is 100% YOUR own experiences) to allow you to tap into the presence of the day and nature and your communal togetherness even more.



Through our own CONSCIOUS POWER we will all thrive.

On receipt of this Booking I will be in touch within 24 hours to arrange date/location.  Day trips MUST be booked a minimum of 21 days in advance.  Any questions at all, please phone/text me on 07502008745.

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