Magical Milly-Van

The Milly-Van is a point of connection between all life: humans, wildlife, fish life, animal life & plant life. 


She's a platform around which is developing a National AND International community via a trinity of co-dependent projects (Wild Anchor, Pocket Protection & Eco Intent) learning how to reintegrate with our landscape, planet & those we share it with.  


#Respect #Equality

Mill(y)onaire Milly is so named (and this all started) because I’ve promised to raise £1,000,000 to build a ‘home for life’ (called 'Wild Anchor') for 8 disabled youngsters in Swaziland.   When the original 8 youngsters have passed from the home, the house will go on to be a home to 8 more disadvantaged youngsters: saving 100s of lives.

This home will be more than a ‘box’ for 8 lonely people, it will be an integration of urban/nature


‘Wild Anchor’ will need to be modern enough to accommodate the needs of wheelchair users requiring weekly rehabilitation (sustainable solar energy & rainwater catchers/water filters will be integrated into the planning) & wild enough to nourish wildlife/plant life/pollinators in the local area, also offering better physical/mental well being for residents within a natural space. (A unique template for allowing nature to thrive with us whilst not giving up our modern comforts).  I am researching current sustainable housing (comparing and costing) & will share my findings in published reports.

 So I'm on the road to raise the £1,000,000...


I have found myself enabled to fulfil this promise by helping people across the UK to make space/offer homes for millions of lives (animal, fish, plant, bug & on and on…) to thrive amongst us in 'wild' community, for the betterment & health of ourselves and our immediate environment.  We will be uniting our combined purchasing power to purchase and protect 1000s of mini pocket wildernesses across our landscape, breaking up our urban areas and manifesting balance again for struggling wildlife and pollinators, through Urban Pocket Wild-Scaping.

All of this happens/revolves around the Milly-Van being set up as a plant based coffee shop & stall because it allows me to physically connect with 1000s of people around the UK, building a community of donors/supporters around Wild Anchor/Pocket Protection as I travel.   I have featured at dozens of events and accepted even more personal invitations to meet people.  

Making the most of these opportunities, all of the eco friendly, cruelty free products/refreshments that I’m carrying (from bamboo toothbrushes to handfuls of wildflower seeds) are made available to a diverse audience, along with information on services for better mental/physical health/well being. 


That’s Milly’s secret weapon, really... 

When visitors relax with a hot drink (without judgement/preaching) they open their minds to the products made available within the space and make purchases that they might have normally felt overwhelmed by. 

It's not my place to preach veganism/animal welfare, BUT where animal testing especially CAN be avoided it saves unnecessary, terrible suffering and if you can do that by switching to the multitude of more compassionate, natural brands available (with no self sacrifice) then how marvellous!

Through Pocket Protection's work (looking for land in specifically commercial, urban areas) I am enabled now to greatly further my sales base by launching Eco-Intent: visiting small/medium UK shops/cafes/offices/studios IN PERSON and offering them the chance to join an Eco Friendly scheme (backed by Olympian, Leon Taylor) that lets their local community know the steps they're taking to lessen their carbon footprint and not only switch to eco-friendly washing up liquids & other daily, practical items but ALSO make them accessible to their staff, for them to live more SUSTAINABLY too, supported by their place of work.

I deeply believe in this glorious vision of working within our current socio-economic system to re-learn our love for life around us (our perfectly balanced, wonderfully complex eco system) and to thrive within and alongside it, without sacrificing our modern expectations/comforts.

If you believe in my work, will you help?


Any & all donations fund Pocket Protection & my goal of 200 Businesses signing up to Eco-Intent (that would be a minimum of £6000 a month being diverted away from companies that test on animals/unsustainable, polluting products) enabling 'Wild Anchor' to ALSO be funded/built during 2020.

You can read about 'Milly's Ethics' plus check out the 'Statistics Page' on Mission Milly's estimated positive UK-wide impact.


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