The Next 3 Years

 I gave myself 3 years to raise the £1,000,000 but (through coming full circle) it looks like I'll achieve it earlier than planned....


TO raise the money to build Wild Anchor, I am empowered to immerse myself in the landscape I grew up in (protecting it as well) sparking a luscious way to let our natural world burst brightly into OUR grey urban communities  - collaboratively, across the UK - uniting our combined purchasing power to protect 1000s of mini pocket wildernesses across our landscape, breaking up our urban areas and manifesting balance again for struggling wildlife and pollinators, through Urban Pocket Wildscaping.


All of this happens/revolves around my travelling in Mill(y)onaire Milly allowing me to reach out to 1000s of people (through events, invitations & Eco Intent) to bring Wild Anchor & Pocket Protection into being.

I’m travelling the UK in the 'Milly Van': wildscaping land, businesses and homes by drawing the UK population together as a collective to take practical, loving & immediate action.  This is facilitated Locally & Nationally through Eco Intent / Urban Pocket Wild-Scaping and Globally via MMTO Swapsies.

I’ve been lucky enough to work with incredible spirits from multiple industries, from Pete Postlethwaite & Jason Flemyng (when working in TV Drama) to Adventurers & Broadcasters like Sean Conway, Mark Beaumont & Sir Ranulph Fiennes (when I left TV to pursue my promise to build a home in Swaziland) and it’s with the confidence their kindnesses have brought me and being greatly honoured by the Patronage of Richard E Grant and Leon Taylor that I have hit the road on Mission Milly.

About Me & Mill(y)onaire Milly


My Promise

Mill(y)onaire Milly is so named because I’ve promised to raise £1,000,000 to build a ‘home for life’ (called 'Wild Anchor') for 8 disabled youngsters in Swaziland.  The £1,000,000 will be placed in trust and 4% interest will fund the home (& all requirements) every year, making the capital sum self sustaining.  Over time the original 8 youngsters will have passed from the home & the house will go on to be a home to 8 more disadvantaged disabled youngsters...  100s of lives will be saved.

I raised over £3000 in 2014 (when my promise was made) and then fell very ill.  During the 2014 campaign this belief in the equality of all of humanity extended to a GREAT UNDERSTANDING in the equality of ALL life, from plants to wildlife to fish life.

Having now recovered, when I decided to hit the road and raise the £1,000,000 for the home in person, ‘Mission Milly’ (as it is now) came into being...

I realised that the home could be more than a ‘box’ for 8 people, it would be wildscaped land within which a modern/sustainable home could be integrated as a sanctuary for humans & wildlife alike: an integration of urban/nature


‘Wild Anchor’ will need to be modern enough to accommodate the needs of wheelchair users requiring weekly rehabilitation (sustainable solar energy & rainwater catchers/water filters will be integrated into the planning) & wild enough to nourish life in the local area, also gifting peace for the residents within a natural space. (A unique template for allowing nature to thrive with us whilst not giving up the modern comforts that we have become accustomed to).


Instead of doing limited good (as wonderful as helping 8 people is) this home - ‘Wild Anchor’ - could be more... It could be of benefit to all life.  Of benefit to the planet.  



My wonderful Patrons & the Magazines I'm writing for...

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